Eagle Court of Honor

On August 8, 2021 we had an Eagle Court of Honor at The Elks Lodge 1687 to honor the Scouts who earned the Eagle rank during the pandemic. The Eagle Scouts shared their stories of achievement, their hard work and dedication to achieve the Eagle rank.
Eagle Scouts individually recognized and thanked all the people that supported them throughout their journey.

We want to congratulate the following Eagle Scouts :

1 . Adam Kapin 10/2/2019
2. Luke Huhn 10/2/2019
3. Stephen Core 05/09/20
4. Kyle McDonald 05/19/20
5. Owen Wiley 08/21/20
6. Ben Huhn 11/2/2020
7. Mathew Posson 01/7/2021
8. Jonathan Portlock 05/27/2021

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