Rank Advancement

Below are the steps required for your rank advancement:

1.    Complete all rank requirements in your scout book.

2.    Print the Rank Card and complete requirements with a Troop Guide

3.    Schedule your Scout Master Conference.  Bring your completed Rank Card and scout book to your meeting.

4.    Schedule your Board of Review via email.  Please send your request to: troop669boardofreview@gmail.com

Links to Rank Cards: Please print a copy and bring it with you to a troop meeting so you can get this requirement completed with a Troop Guide.

2nd Class
1st Class

Email Request for Board: Please send your request 1 week in advance.  It is also very important that you copy a parent or another adult leader in the troop to be YPT compliant.  I will not be able to assist you if another adult with a different email address is not CC’d.   

Please send your request to troop669boardofreview@gmail.com

In the body of the email include:

  1. Your name
  2. Your parent or guardian’s name
  3. Rank you would like to attain
  4. Answer whether your Rank Card and Scout Master Conference have been completed.  If not, when will they be done?
  5. Date you would like to schedule your board and a backup date.