Canoeing at Colorado River

A few weeks ago, our troop ventured to Needles, Arizona to go canoeing on the Colorado River. Spread out across six canoes, the scouts went 12 total miles and saw several trains along the way. But, according to one scout, the best part of the trip wasn’t just canoeing, scouts also hiked in Joshua Tree National Park, and even saw the bridge of Nursery Rhyme fame itself, London Bridge. “The best part was when we took a break from canoeing and went swimming,” the scout recalled. “I can’t wait to go again.”

Jamboree Over The Air/Internet

On a recent Saturday, scouts got together at Scoutmaster Hernandez’s house for a fun-filled event- Jamboree Over The Air/Internet. Through the radio as well as an internet chat room, scouts in our troop talked to scouts from Norway, Mexico, England, Poland, Indonesia, Egypt, China, and Canada. “Basically, we got onto the laptops and went on to a sponsored chat page and talked to someone,” One scout explained. “We got to know their names and just chat. It was really fun.”

Veterans Day Weekend

Last Weekend, our troop helped out the Escondido Community by participating in two Veteran-related events- The Veterans Resource Riot and the first ever Escondido Annual Veterans Day Parade. At the riot, scouts helped veterans get the support they needed by setting up displays, making paper flowers, and taking down the event. It was no easy feat, either- the scouts were there for over five hours! At the parade, scouts carried a giant flag down and up Grand Avenue and even volunteered to walk two service dogs in training. “It felt great to help out the community,” One scout said excitedly.

Spooky Evening

Last Monday, our troop had a spooky time celebrating Halloween with our annual Halloween Party. Scouts and Weblos alike participating in fun activities such as a Pumpkin Carving Contest, Weird Food Contest, Costume Contest, and even got to venture inside a haunted house. “The haunted house was amazing,” One scout said. “I was very impressed.”


Fun. Amazing. Aggressive. These are all words scouts used to describe the Camporee our troop attended last weekend, where activities ranged from battle axe tossing to a sword fight. Campers also got to participate in archery, the sheath toss, and watch a movie. However, most scouts agreed that the sword fight was the best part of the fun-filled weekend. “We got to make our own swords, and then fight with them,” one scout excitedly explained. “It was really cool.”