Summer Camp Chawanakee 2021

Camping was so much fun! Scouts were able to participate in a week long camping at Camp Chawanakee at Shaver Lake , Ca . Scouts worked on merit badges: swimming, kayaking, camping, cooking , sailing, emergency preparedness , archery, astronomy, robotics, welding, woodcarving, horsemanship, fishing, shooting . Scouts participated in Chawanakee volunteer hours, played games, conducted a skit, pioneer project, Chief Run ( 1 mile run 6am ), Iron Bear Swim ( jump lake after the mile run 6:30 ) and many more events .

During the evening ceremony a Scout Commissioner selects the troop of choice to receive the thumb stick based on the positive performance on the daily evaluation scoring sheet and each troop then contributes an item to the stick and returns it the next day. The troop to receive it back on Friday( last day camp) would get to keep the thumb stick.
Troop 669 was able to receive the thumb stick 3 times in a row , as a result, Troop 669 was able to keep the thumb stick and bring it back to Escondido !

Congratulations to Troop 669 for receiving an Honor Ribbon and a special recognition to Joe O’Connor for being the recipient of the Chawanakee Honor Troop award .

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