In February, our scouts enjoyed a spirited day of snow, skis, snowboards, and sleds when we took a trip to Snow Valley. After getting fitted with special boots and picking up our rented ski poles and snowboards, it was all uphill- quickly followed by downhill, of course- from there. For many, it was the first time they had ever tried a snow sport. Everyone learned quickly, however, and soon, all of our scouts were racing down the slopes. Even some siblings of scouts and friends of siblings of scouts joined the fun!  After learning how to ski and snowboard (the two options provided by Snow Valley) a few scouts ventured up another hill to go sledding, and some even tried to have a snowball fight on the way down. “We put snow in our sleds at the beginning, and tried to hurl it at each other on the way down,” said one scout. “It was great fun.”

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