A Day Of Fun At Knott’s Berry Farm

To start 2020 off right, our troop took a spirited trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. For many people in attendance, it was their first time there, and everyone had a great time racing through Timber Mountain, plummeting down wooden hills on Ghostrider, and screaming for their life on Xelerator. Overall, two of the most favorited rides were quickly revealed to be Ghostrider and Calico River Rapids, as each was chosen to ride again on numerous occasions. However, our Troop didn’t stick to just riding thrill rides – we had just as much fun exploring the Calico Mines and getting a bird’s eye view of the park on Sky Cabin, where, as an added bonus, we got to see the breathtaking holiday lights of Calico from a completely new perspective. After touring the park, a delicious meal was enjoyed at Portillo’s, and everyone went home with complete satisfaction – and also completely full stomachs.

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